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About Us

Give my certificate is a platform for organizations to generate and send verifiable documents, which the recipient or any intending third party can verify on the platform itself, that too in just a few clicks. To make things even better we also introduced a Karma Score for each credential, based on the category and relevance of the document. This helps organizations to separate intended individuals from the pile while helping the individuals to flaunt their score and stand out.
We believe that if someone is doing something for themselves or the community, that contribution must be counted.

Our Services

Here are 6 steps to simply reward your recipients with a digital verifiable Certificate

The main mission of Give My Certificate is to provide authenticity to the documents that prove the hard work and efforts of an individual so that no one is able to forge the documents and only the rightful owner of the document can make use of it. Our team has made the complete process incredibly seamless. The document issuing party just needs to provide an excel sheet with recipients' relevant information along with the certificate design. That's it.

The certificate or document being digital comes with it own inherent features like being easy to store, readily available, etc.
The document issuing party will have analytical data over the documents issued and also will have all the documents consolidated in the dashboard.


Verifiable certificates mean more value to the recipient's efforts.

Hassle Free

No need to store somewhere. To avoid the chance of being stolen or missing.

Easy to use

Just upload the certificate image & excel sheet with the details.

Track & Analysis

Automatically tracks and logs all Documents in dashboard.

  • 1

    1. Create Organization

    Create an account on the platform for your organization which can be used to link all your events to a single organizer.

  • 2

    2. Create Event

    Create an event & add all information like event name, type, date etc to make the event page complete in all sense.

  • 3

    3. Upload Resources

    Upload the certificate Image file & list of student`s name and contact information where the certificates need to be sent.

  • 4

    4. Send Certificates

    The platform will send the certificates to all the recipients with just one click. All recipients will receive their personalised digital verifiable certificates on the email they provided.

  • 5

    5. Verification

    Any person can then verify the sent certificate on the verification portal using the QR Code or the certificate ID.

  • 6

    6. Analysis

    The analysis features are there for you to plan and strategise your future events and ensure better reach.

Our Process

Here are 6 working steps to
organize our business projects.

The journey of the certificate starts when you create an account for your organization. Then you just need to create an event page and upload the list of recipients along with the certificate template. That's it. We will send the verifiable e-certificates to each recipient.

Then whenever whoever wants can verify the certificate by either using the QR code or the URL. Also if there's any issue, you can handle it through the portal itself apart from all the analysis features available on the portal.

More Features

Document Support

All the features will also be available for other documents like Degrees, Offer letters, Recommendation letters, etc and will not be restricted just to the certificates.

API Integration

A service for event organisers where they can use an API in their website which will enable their event participants to verify their certificates on their website itself.

Event Management Support*

Organisers will be able to take in registrations for their events on our platform itself. This will help in seamless management of the event before and after it happens.

Save Time and Money

Save your time and money by choosing us.

Money Saved

Why spend so much more when you get better value for money with the services offered by us.

Time Saved

Your time is precious and we know it. Hence, we have tried our best to make the complete process as seamless as it can be.




Documents sent


Trees Saved


If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

Any kind of Certificate like participation, mentorship, ambassadorship, volenteering, honorary certificates for judges, speakers, Internship letter etc can be sent through our service.

Yes, you can send Certificates of any kind of event or competition like race, charity work, tech events, cultural events, etc.

Our system supports all formats of images. We recommend submitting in PNG format as it provides high resolution in less size.

You can design yourself and send us the Certificate template. If you have a designer on your team, it would be awesome otherwise you can design on canva.com which has many certificate templates.