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About Us

Give My Certificate offer an advanced platform for digital certificate.
Our main aim is to digitise the certificate albite old school paper printing. We give full assurance for the fact that it is environment friendly and will carry the same authenticity as the paper document. There won't be any need to physically store it anywhere or no chance of being stolen. The entire process is highly secure and an individual would be able to download the document whenever they want. While there is digitisation in every aspect of our life, we still use certificates printed on paper, wasting precious natural resources. We aspire to offer a centralised platform for the same. Institutions can simply contact us and we will generate the e-certificates which will also prove to be way cheaper than the printed ones. At the same time, they are readily available, environment friendly and consume less time to make.




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Trees Saved

Be a Saviour

Every year, millions of trees are being cut down to make papers of several ilks. A tree can produce roughly '9000' A4 sheets of paper. With this estimate, there will be huge amount of sacrifice of trees in the time span. As responsible human, we must avoid these circumstances by applying fully digitised certificates for us.
Providing certificates like this not only affects forests but it has an adverse effect on the environment as well. Roughly 2-13 liters of water is used to produce an A4 sheet using recovered and recycled paper the water footprint is a bit less but is still an astonishing amount reaching billions of liters of water wasted every year. So, let’s save trees before everything is being wiped out.

Choose The Certificate That's Right For You


₹ 1

Basic certificate which User can download from the link recieved on thier email.




₹ 2

"Lifespan 1 Year"
Certificate has unique Alphanumeric Id.


₹ 2.5

"Lifespan 2 year"
Certtification have unique alphanumeric id.




₹ 4

"Lifespan 10 Year"
Certificate has unique Alphanumeric Id.

Why Give my Certificate ?

Easy to use

Just upload the excel sheet & certificate image with the details. We will convert it in to your precious certificate.

Highly Secure

We emphasise on user privacy and security. So, your document is safe with us.

Hassle Free

No need to store somewhere. To avoid the chance of being stolen or missing, you can opt to the digital one.

Centralized Verification

Your data will be stored in our server and user can verify at anytime whenever you need.

Reasonable Price

Our pricing is extremely reasonable and you can get the plan for life time. You will have to pay 10% of what you pay for the paper certificate.

Environment Friendly

It’s time to save our environment. You can save tree and water by avoiding printing papers.