• Don't just GIVE certificates to your participants, CERTIFY them, with GiveMyCertificate.
    Organisations, community chapters, colleges, company can apply to receive GiveMyCertificate sponsorship offer. The work you are doing is good, and we believe the flexibility and usability of GiveMyCertificate makes it the perfect match to help you.
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What do you recieve from us ?


Certificate sponsorship upto INR 150,000 : Issue digital verifiable certificates from our portal, which are automatically sent to the recipients.

Certificate live generation API integration support

If you are expecting 10,000 or more certificates to be issued, we will provide you with the feature to generate your certificate on the go. One of the many utilisations of this feature can be participants registering participation and getting the certificates then and there.

Marketing support

Our social media reach is your social media reach. We will use all our resources to promote your event and making sure it goes as per your expectations.

What is your part in the sponsorship ?

We make your spending stress-free for you to have the perfect control.

  • - Add our name to your sponsors list.

  • - Make social media announcements declaring our partnership with Hashtag #vocalforlocal #GiveMyCertificate.

  • - LinkedIn/Medium post as an honest feedback of our services after the event.


A few reasons why our valued customers choose us.

You can send unlimited number of Certificates for your events.

Yes, any organization can apply for sponsorship. We recommend you having social media presence in order to fulfill sponsorship terms.

No, that won't be required. Use your Certificate space as you wish. Try to use the extra space in making the best design possible.

Currently we don't provide any monetary support. We provide sponsorship in form of Certificates sending platform with digital verifiable Certificates, which itself carry a considerable value. 10000 Certificates of ours amount to INR 40000 worth of expenditure.

Give My Certificate Sponsorship

Before filling out the sponsorship form we recommended these steps:-
1. Create an account with an organization email id/gmail id on the dashboard
2. create your organization with all the details including social media in the dashboard.

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